Privacy Policy - Basics

Upside LLC ("We") gathers information of visitors to the Upside LLC Website ("our Website"), only within the scope necessary to facilitate smooth operations of the services provided by  our Website (e.g., information the Company provides via the Website, transmission of information concerning the Website, acceptance of visitor feedback, etc. ). The information gathered by the Company is handled in an appropriate manner within the scope of designated use purposes.

The scope of information the Company gathers

When you access our Website with a web browser, the Website automatically collects your information such as the Internet domain name, IP address, email address (only if you use our Mailing Form), and so on. Our Website uses “Cookies” only for the purpose of accurately determining the number of unique visits and for improving the browsing functionality of our Website (a cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser, thereby allowing the website server to identify users).

Use Purposes

1.  We use the collected information as referential data for facilitating and improving the services available via our Website.
2.  We use information on "email addresses" for communicating with visitors who have sent inquiries via our Mailing Form.
We use the information visitors voluntarily provide (via User Information/Inquiries) for improving our Website.

Restrictions on Use and Disclosure

We will not use any of the collected information for any purpose other than those specified above or disclose to any third party, unless we are legally required to disclose such information or we have a special reason for disclosing such information in the event of unauthorized access, threat, or any other unlawful incident. We may, however, reserve the right to disclose the information that has been statistically processed (Traffic to our Website, Attributes of Users, etc.).

Security Initiatives

Wherever necessary we will implement measures for appropriate controls to prevent any unauthorized disclosure, loss, impairment, etc. of collected information. We may also outsource the operation of our Website and the handling of collected information. In such instances, we will implement measures to ensure that the outsourcee will have in place appropriate controls to prevent any unauthorized disclosure, loss, impairment, etc. of collected information.

Scope of Application

The Privacy Policy hereunder applies only to our Website.